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Kenny Falwell

Name: Kenny Falwell

Position: Secretary/Treasurer

Appointed to the Board: 2016

What is your background in Agriculture?
I am a seasoned farmer with 50-plus years in production agriculture.

Did you always want to be a farmer?
No, I actually went to college with intentions of becoming a medical doctor.

What path did you take to become a producer?
I took the path of least resistance. I graduated from Arkansas State University, and went back to work on the family farm with my father and brother to learn hands-on about the business.

Who inspired your work ethic/approach to farming?
Working alongside my father inspired my work ethic.

What other crops do you grow?
Soybeans, rice and wheat are other crops that I grow.

What is your favorite aspect of farming?
The planting and harvesting processes are my favorite parts of farming crops.

What is a challenge you overcame this past season?
This past season went smoother than expected. When you're farming in a river bend, the threat of flooding is always a challenge. Thankfully this past season we did not have to deal with it.

What is your personal motto?
Faith, family and farming is my motto.

Outside of the ACGSB, are you involved in any other professional organizations?
I am involved in the Farmers Electric Coop as the Chairman of the Board. I'm also a member of the Jackson County Quorum Court and Justice of the Peace.