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Jon Carroll

Name: Jon Carroll

Position: Vice Chariman

Appointed to the Board: 2011

How did you get into agriculture?
I am a third generation farmer. I started farming in 1988.

Who inspired your approach to farming corn and/or grain sorghum?
My father inspired me. I grew up watching him farm, so I drew inspiration from those experiences and observations.

Do you grow any crops other than corn and/or grain sorghum?
I also grow rice and beans.

What is your favorite aspect of growing corn and/or grain sorghum?
Being out in nature is my favorite part of being a farmer.

Did you experience any challenges from mother nature this past season?
Yes. The unusual weather was certainly a challenge this past season.

Outside of the ACGSB, are you involved in any other professional organizations?
I am also a state board member for the farm bureau.

How would you describe the work of the ACGSB to someone, regardless of their ag background?
The Board is working to improve corn production in the state of Arkansas.