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David Gammill

Name: David Gammill

Position: Board Member

Appointed to the Board: 2005


What is your background in agriculture?

I grew up working on our family farm. I graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1985 and have been farming since then.

Have you always wanted to be a farmer?

Yes. I always wanted to farm. I never really considered doing anything else.

What did you do to become a corn and/or grain sorghum producer?

Having a father and grandfather that were farming when I graduated college made it much easier to become a producer. I just shadowed them and learned the practices along the way.

Are your father and grandfather your inspiration?

They both inspired my path to success in agriculture.

How many crops do you grow beside corn and/or grain sorghum?

In total, I grow rice, corn and soybeans.

What is your favorite aspect of growing corn and/or grain sorghum? 

I enjoy trying to produce the best and cleanest crops I can. Not much prettier than a clean and beautiful, green crop.

What is a challenge you overcame this past season?

Marketing the crop was certainly a challenge, but we managed to do so effectively.

What is your personal motto when it comes to success in farming?

I aim to do the best I can even when no one is looking. You should concentrate on what you can change, not what you can’t.

Outside of the ACGSB, are you involved in any other professional organizations?

I am also a member of the Arkansas Ag Council.

How would you describe the work of the ACGSB to someone, regardless of their ag background?

We’re promoting and developing new grain markets, and evaluating potential research projects to determine their value to production agriculture.